Institutional Design

My primary research focus is the influence of partisan politics on institutional design and change. I define political institutions quite broadly and have written on constitutional design, electoral system manipulation, and the internal organization of political parties.


(Manuscript) Gaming Elections: Institutional Manipulation for Political Survival


2018. “Constitutional Revision in the 2017 Election”, In Robert J. Pekkanen, Steven R. Reed, Ethan Scheiner, and Daniel Smith, eds. Japan Decides 2017: The Japanese General Election. Palgrave Macmillan

2017. 「日本国憲法の特異な構造が改憲を必要としてこなかった」 『中央公論』 中央公論新社2017年5月号

- “Why the Constitution of Japan has Not Required Amendments”, Chuō Kōron May 2017

2017. 「世界中の憲法との比較で見えた日本国憲法の特徴と普遍的価値」 『Journalism』 朝日新聞社2017年5月号

- “Fundamental Attributes of the Constitution of Japan in Comparative Perspective”, Journalism May 2017

2015. “What’s Unique About the Japanese Constitution? A Comparative and Historical Analysis”, Journal of Japanese Studies 41.2 (with Christian Winkler)


2014. “Constitutional Evolution: When are Constitutions Amended Versus Replaced?” Presented at the 2014 MPSA Meeting (with Jean Clipperton)


2014. “Party Democratization and Fiscal Redistribution”, Earlier version presented at the 2012 APSA Meeting (with Erin McGovern)


2009. “The Instrumental Decentralization of Party Leader Selection”, Presented at the 2009 APSA Meeting (with Erin McGovern)


2008. “Manipulating Electoral Rules to Manufacture Single-Party Dominance”, American Journal of Political Science 52.1

Party Realignment and Public Opinion

Electoral reform has a profound impact on the competitiveness and ideological range of political parties. In addition to research on the evolution of party systems, I have worked on the effects of institutional and socioeconomic change on voter partisanship, particularly in the context of Japanese politics. 


2015. 「株価か格差か:内閣支持率の客観的・主観的経済要因」レヴァイアサン57号

  • "Inequality or Growth? Subjective Economic Beliefs and Government Approval in Japan", Leviathan 57 (Oct 2015)


2015. "Did Abe's Coattails Help the LDP Win?" In R. Pekkanen, S. R. Reed & E. Scheiner (eds.), Japan Decides 2014: The Japanese General Election. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.


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